I’m an expert on leaving shit to be done till the last minute. I finish things on the “fitthåret” as we say in Swedish. Google it if you want to translate it hahhaaaa… Luckily my friend Linda from Sweden was visiting me so I made good use of her having her move half of my stuff to the new apartment. The new apartment is on the same street, but on the top floor with no elevator, 32 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity, so we were sweating and swearing! Yes, I still had my Xmas tree up and finally packed it down only because I had to move it. I don’t see a reason why a Xmas tree (even though plastic) isn’t considered a plant that you can have out year-round?

At the airport chilling and getting a bad mani/pedi and receiving the news that our flight to Florida is 5h delayed so would miss the connecting flight to Stockholm. What to do? Drink a glass of wine, change plans and fly to New York instead for a day and watch the Pride parade 🙂 Oh and drink more wine when there!

Even though delayed, the flight finally took off to Sweden and I passed out as soon as my ass hit the seat.

When in Stockholm and in the taxi, just wanting to be ‘home’, the taxi driver explains we’re taking a detour since the freeway is closed cause a truck has tipped over. But hey, we made it!

No time to even shower before my nephew picked us up and went over to mom’s who makes the best meatballs!

Crashed at 10.30pm and Sweden has daylight 24/7 in the summer so it’s like going to bed in the middle of the day. But feels good to be home!

Kisses, Puma

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