…finally launch this blog. Still some small fixes to be taken care of, but I’ll take care of them along the way. Patience is not my biggest virtue!

Been in Sweden for a week now and it’s quite a contrast to come from sunny superhot Puerto Rico, to a Swedish summer that could be summarized like Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get… Same goes for Swedish weather (specially in the summer), you never know what you get! I love it though and it’s nice not to be moist in all the wrong places constantly hahahaa…

Mostly I’ve been seeing my family & friends and catching up. Felt lost when I finally got my ass to the gym yesterday, but damn it felt good to move, stretch and lift some weights!

On Sunday my friend “Teddan” fixed lunch and then we met up with her neighbor that has this amazing cool car called a Cuda. My sister did my make up and styled me looking like a female version of a pimp.

My styling is more like “less-is-less”…

Oh, Teddan also has these “guys” who go by @bobbythebodyswede on IG and they were a bit clingy to say the least and crashed the photoshoot a couple of times 🙂

One of my and pretty much everyone else’s favorite person in Sweden to see is Mark Levengood. A Finn-Swede like me with a cuter accent that you just love hearing when he tells stories, and stories he has! He has a crazy office with crystal chandeliers, a throne, blinking lights and pretty much every other weird, glitzy shiny thing you can think of. Love hanging out there and met these cute boys Emil & Jack there too. Taking a picture together becomes a masquerade and I begged for the crown. One is never too old for princess shit!

More to come!

Kisses, Puma

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