My blog that is! So if you already are familiar with me you probably skipped the About Me page so I’ll do a short recap on what’s going on here. I want to share more about myself other than just my ‘cavities’ and other talents you might have witnessed online. The less clothed activities still exist, just not on here. Maybe more in an informal way rather than the in-and-out type of way hahahaaa…

I’ll jump straight to it. I have always had a challenging time participating in Swedish mainstream TV. You might guess why? Me being me and my line of work is what makes people hesitant to include me. Earlier this year we shot an episode for a Swedish TV show based on my book ‘My Life As a Pornstar’. The footage is really funny, and from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s going to be great! I’m obviously a great talent in front of the camera from my previous experience hahhahahaaa… One of the funniest things we shot was a custom video I did with one of my best friends Sandy wearing Superwoman costumes. This is airing next week on Wednesday and when I know it’s out I’ll share a link! Here’s a trailer.

Some behind the scenes shots…

Working at a cafe now and then off to put on some eyelash extensions. Things get so much easier when you can bat some lashes at people!

The sun has made an appearance in Stockholm finally! I was supposed to swim yesterday at my friends place, but I like the sun to shine for at least 2 mins before disappearing behind clouds before I take a plunge!

Laters, Puma

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I’m so happy you have a blog in English that is safe to read in the office! I have followed your career for years and will continue! Is the TV show in Swedish or English by the way?


The show is both in Swedish and English. Footage from LA with Sandy is in English with subtitles. Mostly Swedish though…

Kisses, Puma


Tittade på ’dokumentären’ om dig på Kanal 5, kul med ’behind the scenes’…


De ar oftast det roligaste – behind the scenes. Lite som Victoria Secrets Fashion Show – typ 🙂

Kram Puman

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