…like 5-0. Friday evening started in a well-behaved manner with sushi and drinks at Katrin’s place with Carro. Some Swedish hits from the 90’s, some dance moves in the bathroom while someone was taking care of business, and I obviously felt it was a Kodak moment!

I think our Uber driver was fed up with our karaoke in his car, and he’s trying to block us out hahahaaa…

From here on I have no more pics or videos in my phone, and that might be for the best because Snaps was being served. Drinking Snaps is like thinking you’ll win in Vegas. No, the house always wins, and the Snaps always kicks my ass!

This is a picture from Saturday morning (more like noon) when I ventured out to buy coffee in an attempt to pull myself together. I managed to bring it home and then this… I was too hungover to even get upset!

My auntie turned 80-something, and I went there with my cousin bringing flowers and cake. I ate too much cake and passed out on her couch. Luckily she’s a cool-ass lady who understands youthful(?) nights outs and need for recovery…

Since I slept with my makeup on from Friday (no, you’re not supposed to) I just caked on some more and went out for dinner. We celebrated Andrew’s birthday and I ordered the fattiest cheeseburger with fries, yummy! No Snaps. Great views, company and cheeseburger! Then a couple of more drinks at Bananas. Luckily I managed not to go bananas. Just had Linda dry hump my leg hahahaaa…

Sunday funday now. What to do? Not sure what I’ll get up to, but a coffee now sounds like a great idea. Luckily I have 3 coffee places within a 5min walk to choose from!

Enjoy your day!

Kisses, Puma

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Happy to see you enjoying Sweden and your family. You’re the best and I really like your blog.
Keep on rocking!!

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