…this damn hot/gorgeous/sexy/stunning… or insert your own description here _______________ ….or the photographer is a magician hahahaaa 😉 Last week I shot with @fredrikhedlund_com and we played around with some lights, oil, and black paint. It got messy, but totally worth it!

This weekend I got together with friends and had a BBQ. Perfect weather, great friends, good food, and some Puerto Rican rum 🙂

One interesting topic that came up during the night was what would you do if someone gave you 10 million dollars? I think it’s fascinating that people have trouble coming up with an answer, myself included. I don’t feel that there’s anything that I badly want that I couldn’t have already. I value my health and feel that I can achieve or do anything I want if I’m healthy!

Some of the answers from the discussion with my friends were things like going back to school, which the person could do already if they wanted to. Pay off your siblings’ student loans, quit your day job, invest the $, and I think my final answer was to buy a boat, learn to maneuver it, and sail around wherever I wanted to. After some though, I could actually do that now… but the boat would be a bit smaller though hahahaaaa…

I live a pretty simple life without many possessions. I have gotten rid of everything I owned twice (except some sentimental things and necessary clothing) and travelled around the world. Last time, about 1.5 years ago, I didn’t get any further than Puerto Rico on my world travel, and settled for now. I have collected some things, but hopefully I will never hoard items/clutter ever again. Easier to live and leave that way 🙂

What would you do with 10 million dollars that you couldn’t do already?

I have a shoot tomorrow with a new photographer, and we’re heading out at 7am to shoot outdoors! Time to shit, shower, shave and go to bed!

Kisses, Puma

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Grymt coola bilder 😊 👍😘


Heja Johanna!

Bygg nånting ihop med Satu Söderström (Marianna Moore) i Åbo.
2 seriösa damer som pratar sex (med era erfarenheter) finns det bottenlöst behov för i Norden.
Där har ni en framtida försörjning säkrad.
Och ni behöver inte känna någon som helst skam. Folk i Norden är toleranta.
Det finns andra som lyckats byta bana, T.ex. Gina Wild (Michaela Schaffrath), Kelly Trump osv.
Lite väl mycket rumpa tidigare, men är nu helt ok i tyska seriösa program.

Porr har alltid funnits och har fortfarande en viktig funktion.
Det håller en massa weirdo’s borta från gatorna.
Men det funkar nog inte bra för tonåringar att ha all världens porr gratis via nätet.
Var/hur ska dom börja i det erotiska träsket?
Jag är emot förbud och filter. För såna funkar inte och vem vill vara överförmyndare?

Kom hem och gör sak av din idé.


Vore super att gora nat ihop med Satu! Rikligt med sisu och vet att hon gor mycket bra saker for sex & samlevnad redan.
Jag hoppas aterkomma med hur, var och nar mer sexsnack med Puman kommer! Alla forslag ar valkomna sa tack Kristian!

XXX Puman


Nice pics of you!
Love your blog so keep on posting 😎


Thank you and and more to come 🙂

XXX Puma


Good photos, if a beautiful woman!


Thank you very much!

XXX Puma

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