…days in Sweden and it feels a bit sad to leave my family & friends on Monday. At the same time I’m very excited to go back to Bali, and luckily friends and family will visit 🙂

As always I save all the boring crap I have to do to until the last minute and then stress about it. Botox is something I like to do in Sweden, and my mane demanded some attention, but everyone is on holiday & places are closed. Luckily I managed to squeeze myself in, with my wrinkles meeting their match against Botox, and my mane was tamed, so I’m good now! I’ve never been a fan of “age gracefully”, and plan to nip, tuck, cut, laser, and whatever else is needed till the day I go out with a blast!

Catched up on gossip while at the hairdressers yesterday and look who I found 🙂

Also had a meeting with some TV people yesterday. Because the last show I did was really fun and well received, I think Swedish TV needs and is ready for more Puma! Going to pitch some ideas and keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

My friend Linda cooked up a moose steak because she wanted Andrew to taste some traditional Swedish food. So good! I feel better eating a wild animal that has been roaming in the woods until its’ final day, instead of animals kept in captivity with no access to outdoors. Linda’s cat Moses seemed to like moose too.

I made a bet with Linda’s son that I could beat him on the monkey bars after dinner. If you don’t know, I have the confidence of Kanye West and always believe I will win. Somehow. Whatever the competition is about and whether or not I have any skills at it. Do I always win? Fuck no… Did I beat Linda’s son? Nope…

I shot some footage for my adult channels as well, and I like to stick with the old classic scenarios such as the maid…

Caught while doing the laundry…

Oh, you know, I just got back from the gym…

Now I’m heading out for some shopping and lunch with my friend Karina. Her birthday is this weekend too, and I’m looking forward to the party. Don’t think she’ll appreciate me jumping out of the cake naked, so I have to try find some other gift for her 🙂

Laters, Puma

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Älskar din humor och hur du skriver. Har inte följt dig tidigare men du är grym.
Nu kommer jag följa dig.
Ha en härlig resa😎


Tack och valkommen tjejen!

Puss Puman

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