…the feeling of being exactly where you belong at a moment in time? That’s the feeling for me here in Bali now. I need nothing, feel great, and I’m happy as fuck! I’m trying to store this feeling and hope that I will always be able to go where ever I need to access it!

Whoa, that was pretty much the deepest few lines you’ll probably get from me hahahaaaa… Soooo aaanyways, Bali is amazing! Jetlag is less of a bitch, and I’ve been going all-in at the gym with 2 classes a day, so now I walk like I have something in my pants that doesn’t belong there! Please observe it’s a green juice bottle and not wine I’m holding 😉

Love the nail spas here. They’re cozy and colorful. Not like the boring stiff ones where they still have some old faded pics from the 90’s, and a girl with big teased blondish hair is showing bright red claws. Even the dogs here enjoy the spas!

Snapped some pics. I don’t think there’s a better working environment than by the pool or in the pool! Suits me perfectly!

The food here is incredible! So many places to choose from and you can have vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, and any other combo/variation/specialty you can think of! Sorry, didn’t have any pics to illustrate the food. Instead you get me in a swing Cirque du Soleil style, and this latte creation was pretty crappy but funny I think! Coffee here is great too!

Some randoms too while walking around. Also rented scooters now, and a new villa for when we got to check out of this one. My shit is on track 🙂

Hope you all are having a ____________________ (choose what you feel fitting) weekend!

Kisses, Puma

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Looks so lovey. One of my dream destination.
Looks so relaxing.
Looking forward to more pics 😘


It’s really nice here and I can really recommend to come here 🙂 More pics to come!

Hugs, Puma


Hello Puma,

Do you have any advice to give to someone (me) who’s been in a 9 year long relationship and sex has become pretty rare and boring? I am pretty open to try new things and we have even gone to a swingers party once, but it wasn’t for us. One day I hope to meet you in person because you seem to be such a fun person to be around!

Much Love,

The sex starved one



Yes! I though your comment is about something that more people can and want advice on so see my blog post about it 🙂
Good luck and I hope you guys get back the fire! Oh, and I am fu to be around hahhaaaa 😉

Kisses, Puma


nice comment

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