…in and I will hopefully shed light on other adult topics soon.

Maybe you aren’t like me, but I can’t help checking out what the person next to me is working on. Everyone here works on their computer at coffee shops, and I can’t resist – I must look! Most often it’s boring stuff, and it’s me who has to hide my nudes, turn down the volume on my videos, and be careful when an email pops open that could be a dick- or tit pic hahhaaaa…

Anyways, I’m doing pretty great here in Bali. Other than my body being sore from the gym pretty much every day, I can’t bitch 🙂 I got the best massage and cupping done at the gym, so I’ll be like a rubber band soon I hope 🙂 Most likely not, but one can always dream…

They say abs are built in the kitchen, but I think mine will (or not) be built at the restaurants here when I don’t give in for the desserts, treats, and sweets which is very hard!!! There’s a gluten-free bakery close by, and my willpower can’t resist not going in and BUY!

Moped-ing going well even though it’s left-hand traffic here. I just need a cooler bike and helmet, like the guy in the 2nd pic with a helmet from Predator.

Selfies, photos, content, videos, Snapchat etc is being produced too. Like someone once said – there can never be enough content!

Since I have a slightly(?) dirty mind, can you guess what I see in this pic? Hahhaaa…. Remember, great minds think alike!

Hmm, what else… I guess that’s it. Started watching the show ‘Billions’ and going to watch an episode now before passing out!

Remember, it’s Saturday – go fuck shit up 😉 And send me pics!

Kisses, Puma

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