…write that “friends that ride together, die together”, but that is a bit too dramatic. My friend Linda who’s visiting me in Bali and I took a shortcut through the rice fields with the bike. Me driving, Linda in the back. I just finished telling her the story of when I saw a couple that crashed into the rice field. We then stopped to let a car pass on the opposite side of a narrow road, but when I put my foot down the cement was missing, and we took a one meter drop into the rice field with bike and all. We were lucky we landed softly in a mud pool hahahahaaa… Thankfully no rice was hurt and we both got a free mud bath! 3 strong locals pulled us and the bike up, and we had to go back home and clean up instead of watching the sunset on the beach…

Other than crashing into rice fields, we train, get massages, swim, eat, shop, shitchat, and explore…

This cat is so cute! It visits this restaurant and tries to steals your food hahahaaa… Fuck it, we let him!

I throw in some poses here and there too!

Not all of my poses are so gracious… or are my videos sexy! But hey, be fierce about it!

Drinking? It’s the weekend damn it!

Off to eat now and then going to watch the sunset at the beach. Tomorrow some day partying, so if all goes well I’ll at least be sober before going to sleep at night LOL…

Kisses, Puma

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Haha när du kommer körandes på moppen efter lerbadet 😂😂😂😂


Balinerserna fick sig ett gott skratt oxa hahhaaaa… Fan, far val bjucka pa den!

Kram Puman

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