I follow some animal accounts on Instagram. I love cute animal videos as well as stories about animals being rescued from horrible owners, slaughter, or just adopted. There are also accounts that report and try to catch the horrible and cruel people who torture and mistreat animals. One of them that I follow is @animalhopeandwellness. Their profile reads – We go undercover into slaughterhouses, to bear witness for the world to see. Their last post was about a horrific person who tortured his dog by pouring boiling water on it while the dog was in a cage. The offender also shot a video beating another dog with a bat and posted it. @animalhopeandwellness has hired an investigation firm to try to locate this disgusting a**hole! You can read more about this on their Instagram. Very graphic content! I just donated to them and I urge you to support them as well!

This is their website where you can read about them and donate – https://www.animalhopeandwellness.org/

While I’m at it I’ll share 2 other accounts that I follow and have donated to before – @goatsofanarcy & @blackjaguarwhitetiger.

When I settle down in one place I hope to have a farm and rescue animals too!

Be fantastic and please donate!

Kisses, Puma

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Bra att du värnar om djuren Johanna! … Förresten vad hände med din pumatoys sida? Försvann den eller vad hände! Love you babe!

Kram Dennis


Tack Dennis 🙂 Pumatoys var ett samarbete som avslutades. Kanske kommer toys i framtiden eftersom jag gillar att leka 🙂

Puss Puman


Girl you have a big heart as well…..❤️😉
So fun to read about you and your adventures. Often LOL 😂
Keep on and it’s only one like you Puma.
Kisses Dan


Thank you Dan 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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