Sometimes when I talk to my friends, or scroll social media (quotes like “Push yourself because no else is going to do it for you”), I alternate between feeling fortunate or lazy. Most of my friends have 2 kids, work full time, take kids to various practices, work out themselves, and the ultra achieving ones also run their own company with employees. Where the hell do they find the time?!?! Me personally, I have a full day when I wake up sometime between 8-9 am, eat breakfast, workout 1-2h, eat lunch, shoot and reply to messages on my sites, dinner, and finish off by watching an episode or two of a series and read. Pass out around midnight – 1am. When I have meetings this disrupts my daily flow, because I actually have an obligation to be somewhere at a specific time. I prefer to wing things, keep it spontaneous, but I’m also pretty much never late. At times I feel fortunate that I can schedule my days however I want, and work when I want. Other times I wonder if I’m lazy? Most of the time I don’t feel lazy, just free. Freedom to me is very important and laziness can be OK too. I just never want to look back and know I could’ve done more. I’m a believer in saying yes to things πŸ™‚

Anyways, lazy or not, I workout like I’m putting Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame! Not really, but 4 classes in 2 days made me feel like I could kick the Terminators ass, but in reality I was sore pretty much everywhere!

Some more pics and videos for what I hope are happy and desiring fans!

Yesterday I met up with an amazing girl I got to know in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Padd! Always smiling and laughing, and she’s a badass in the gym. She’s the same age as me, and strolls around with a 6-pack like it was the most natural thing in the world. Makes me wonder why I still have a soft-pack? But I made sure to confirm my tits are still bigger hahahaaa… Always something! Ate and did some catching up, and hopefully doing a movement class together later today.

And then Puma as normal as I can be πŸ™‚

Oh, I loved this quote I saw – I don’t care if you judge me. Cause of it you’re a piece of shit. Hahhaaaa, I love that!

Now I’m gonna order one more latte and draw some. Need to get that creativity back on track! Shooting tomorrow and hope to start posting more videos on here too! With clothes on that is hahahaaa…

Kisses, Puma

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