…in hearing me talk about sex, here’s a fresh podcast I did with Nirvana Strength Gym. Don’t be fooled; not much gym talk going on, more about sex, relationships, and the porn industry. You find it on Spotify, but I’ll spare you the search and here’s the link – https://open.spotify.com/episode/0UVHQf14YwTXpyxziuV54t?si=sfR61i1QQsOnqj7obdKlbw

Not just podcasting with the gym, but been going and lifting, stretching, mobilizing & sweating!

Tried some new coffee shops and restaurants this week too. I get comfortable and go to the same places because I like to know I’ll love what I get. I’ve occasionally got to take a chance though, and I found new places that’ve been great! I know, no pics of the food, but I think people’s food pics are boring, so instead you get me! I’m pretty edible too 😉

One of the greatest finds this past weekend (or worst health wise) was that a store carried Swedish Cheesedoodlez! Got too f*cking excited to just pass up on them, and pretty much downed the bag in one sitting. Disgusting breath, cheezy fingers, and half the doodlez mashed up in your gums like you never brushed your teeth. Was it worth it – hell yes!

Went to read at the beach this weekend, and it was relaxing being overcast so I could get a break from sweating!

Got some content done too! Pervs always in the need 🙂

Oh, and I got these awesome pineapple/I Love Bali panties from Linda when she was here so we could match! Love them & Bali 🙂

My birthday is on Friday so taking off to an island outside of Bali for the weekend. So excited and hope I get to snorkel with manta-rays! That would be amazing to see one!

Laters people and have an amazeballs week!


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OAW!! Both Bali and the panties looks lovely. B-day coming up🥂 hope you get a nice one. Post a lot of pics from the island.


Sorry for a very late reply 🙁 Bali and birthday was great thank you! Now you going to get Puerto Rico, books, coffee and probably more panties hahahaaa…

Kisses, Puma

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