…new possibilities and opportunities 🙂 That was the phrase I’d hear every Monday when I worked in sales a long time ago. Basically just meant sell, sell, sell, and sell some more! I’m actually excited it’s a fresh week because I’ve been feeling pretty shit this weekend with some kind of flu. As a bonus yesterday I got red bumps all over my body from being bit by something. Itching so bad and feeling sorry for myself, I did the “guy” thing. You know, acting like you’re the sickest person in the world, and in soooo much pain and being soooo weak. Hahhaaaaa, sorry guys 😉 Luckily it works, and I guess Andrew felt sorry for me and ran and got me “feel better” stuff 🙂

My sister also left on Saturday. Always feels so empty when you have someone around from morning to night, and all of a sudden they’re gone. My sister and I get along great and had fun shopping, eating, talking, and running around town.

Before the flu got me I managed to pull myself together for some pics and video!

My plan is to be back to normal tomorrow. They always say “You can do whatever you set your mind on” so let’s see if it works! Don’t have time for no more flu because it’s our last week in Bali! Ugh, feels crazy. But got lots of stuff I want to do this week, so fuck off flu!

So, new week, new opportunities and challenges – go get em!

Kisses, Puma

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Du är så snygg och verkar så trevlig. Skulle vilja träffa dig någon gång i Stockholm när du besöker Prive’ , skulle det vara möjligt? Stort fan av dig//Patrik


Tjena Patrik! Jo jag tackar 🙂 Jag ar superkul och trevlig att hanga med och kommer nog gasta Prive i Jul 🙂

Puss Puman

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