After flying across the globe we finally made home last night! We flew to Moscow first, and a young guy was arguing with the steward and stewardesses about 60% of the trip. He was sitting across the aisle from us. The crew was so nice, even though the guy was shouting and pointing with his finger in their faces. The argument was in Russian so I’m not sure what it was about since my Russian vocabulary is limited to ‘nostrovia’ 🙂 When we landed the police came aboard, and he was held while everyone else got off the plane. Police didn’t look too happy, and the guy stopped pointing his finger…

After the 13h flight to Moscow it was a 10h flight to NYC. First I watched ‘Blackkklansman’ which was better than I expected. Then I watched ‘Upgrade’ for the second time, which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen it.

The last stretch was 3.5h NYC to PR. Wohooo, made it even though I felt pretty groggy after a day and a half of flying ! Was supposed to go to our new apartment, but got a text as we landed that there is no electricity in the apartment. Luckily our old apartment was still free, and pretty much showered and crashed!

Was supposed to post this video before I took off from Bali, but totally forgot so here;’s a belated Bali video for you 🙂

Before I left Bali I went all pink. Fixed my hair and nails so I would arrive in PR in style 🙂

When you have pink hair and glittery pink nails, what else???

Oh, and before flying it was perfect to have time to work out before. No work out pics but I love the gym clothes 🙂

Happy to be back in PR. My PO Box was full of presents and I’ll show it to you tomorrow. Will take a walk now to stay awake a bit longer 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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