Nothing better than coming home and having your PO Box full of presents! I know it’s supposed to be more fun to give, but hey, I admit I like to get surprises and presents more hahahaaa… I had my birthday when in Bali, so most of these gifts were from fans who thought I deserved to be spoiled – Thank You, I agree 🙂

I read about little kids getting millions of views, and dollars too, by posting videos of them opening presents on YouTube. So here you get me, although I’m not a kid, I’ve played MILF a few times, opening presents 🙂

Picking them up from the Post Office…

First load… (Not the type of load you might be thinking of though, but load of gifts hahahaaaa…)

Second load…

Got like a whole new wardrobe, even though a bit skimpy, with everything from jewelry, shoes, tops, bikini, lingerie and cover ups! I’m good to go, and thank you to all you who sent me presents 🙂

Gonna sit down and order furniture now since I have none and the new place is totally empty…


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