Before Russians and Frenchies – Good Morning 🙂

I wish it actually looked like these pictures when I wake up. Like in the movies when ladies wake up with perfect locks and light make up, supposedly to look natural and newly awoke with sexy sleep wear on. I took these pics earlier for a video, because in real life when I wake up it’s like I’ve spent an hour in a tumble-dryer, pillow marks all over my face, and naked because of the Puerto Rican heat!

Yesterday Masha (the Russian) and her dog Nina (the Frenchie) finally came over to catch up! My first friend here in Puerto Rico, and she’s funny, smart, and studying to become a doctor! Yesterday she told me how they had to wash and shave a dead person to prepare for further ‘examinations’ on him. Made me think if I should donate my body when dead for medical studies? Glad if my body can help in the search for a cure for some disease… Hmm, something to consider! We went to the beach and it was so nice because it had cooled down…

The other day I saw a pretty cool, but a little disturbing movie – ‘Climax’. It’s directed by Gaspar Noe who also directed ‘Irréversible’ which I loved. Great dancing and music in ‘Climax’, but it all goes apeshit weird and dark when the drugs kick in. I liked it a lot though, but it’s not you’re regular Netflix and chill movie!

Shooting some custom videos today and waiting for a mattress plus furniture delivery. Still in our old apartment hoping we can finally move in to the new place this week!

Leave you with some more ‘natural’ pics from my everyday life 😉

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