I have to keep reminding myself that I’m very well off with food to eat, a roof over my head, and air conditioning (yes, very important here in Puerto Rico)! We’re still in our old apartment, and on Saturday the internet gave up! I’ll insert a curse in Finnish here – Perkele! Yes, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s very inconvenient when most of our work is online. We set up a connection through our phone hotspot, and in the evening we got a message from Google that they’ve billed us over $100, and are now slowing down the connection on our phones. No worries, chill and go out to eat a graze-board, and drink wine instead 🙂

Yesterday Masha the Russian came over for a break from her medical studies, and we ate brunch.

Took a walk by the lagoon too this weekend…

Usually we would watch a series at night before bed, but it’s impossible to stream using the hotspot now, so I spent the night reading. Almost done with an amazing book now. It’s very sad though, and I cried reading it, so I want to be done with it. You’ll get a review as soon as I’m done because I still recommend it 🙂

I almost forgot to tell you that I found (corrupted) a girl to help me shoot pics and videos now. She’s supercool, and I don’t think she’d even be shocked by me saying she needs to participate. Oh wait, that might be my imagination running a bit wild hahhaaaa…

Today after my workout I sent a message to our landlord to please please please fix the electricity at the new apartment and internet where we stay now. We can take bets on how many days it’s going to take… I’m at a cafe now trying to work, and hiding the nudes and dirty messages hahahaaa…

Kisses, Puma

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I’m loving your blog. Laughing loud when reading.
Don’t stop writing, your talented ❤️


Thank you Alexis! I’m just getting started and more to come 🙂 Hopefully some more time to blog now and
less to try get power and internet hahhaaaa…

Kisses, Puma

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