…last night and started looking for flights to either Sweden or LA. Yesterday we were told that the power was going to be on at 1pm. After I was done at the dentist, which I survived again, I walked to the new apartment. Took the 4 flights of stairs in a flash and opened up the front door. I’m kind of expecting fireworks to go off at this point when I try the light switch. NOTHING! No electricity, and some damn bird has gotten inside and taken 20 shits by the window. After being ready to finally move in to the new place, my mood dropped to the level of a bridezilla on PMS! Instead I went to the donut shop cross the street to use their internet and consoled myself with a Nutella stuffed donut. Felt a tiny bit better with the sugar rush until their internet also went down. Let me leave it at that, and be glad you didn’t have to listen to me bitching and moaning last night hahhaaaa…

Woke up in a better mood today. Ready to go to LA if we don’t get power or internet this week though. Feel relieved I have a plan at least, but it is now expected to be working this week so let’s stay hopeful!

My friend came over and we shot some smut. She’s funny and we shot some great content. A couple of samples…

I spent this afternoon at a cafe drinking lattes and editing some vids, booked my tickets home to Sweden for Xmas, sexting, emailing, and blogging 🙂 I will either get back to you excited to have power, or I might be in LA next. Catch me later 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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