I’ve been annoyed and in a bad mood since yesterday and I don’t really have a reason to. Maybe cause the furniture is not putting itself together and the apartment is a mess. Yes, I created some/most of the mess, but let’s not focus on my faults here! I admit I have a short patience with certain things, like people telling a story for 15min before getting to the point which in the end is not even a good point! Aaaanyways, went to bed early last night in the hopes to go to the gym early cause that’s always a positive mood-changer for me. Well, after an hour in bed reading, there’s a huge and loud party starting somewhere very close. I’m not joking when I say it felt like I was participating in the party while in bed. I usually love how people just throw parties or puts music on wherever and at whatever hour here, but not last night! Resulted in me not going to the gym this morning because of lack of sleep and my mood was like a kid whose candy you stole!

Right then in the middle of me feeling sorry for myself and even thinking about crying a little a friend calls me. I know her from when we lived in San Francisco and a couple of days ago she posted on Instagram that she has cancer. I called her then and she said she’d call this weekend. It was so great to talk to her and we always had a very grim humor together and today was no different.

Me: How are you? Sorry, you got cancer, how the fuck are you?

Her: Heeey, yeah, got cancer, what’s up with you?

Cancer, like death, are uncomfortable to talk about. You realize that your petty fucking problems with an unbuild bookshelf is like ant-piss in an ocean in a comparison! She’s determined to kick this cancer-f*ck in the ass and I believe her! Our conversation ended with me saying I hope to visit her in SF soon. Not because of the cancer, but because she’s my number fan 😉 Our conversation gave me some perspective and decided go and make my nails bright pink instead of moping around!

Some pictures from this week from the gym. Not all sessions are a success, but hey, one day I might get the ‘skin the cat’ from hanging…

But I’ve always been good with balls 😉

I thought if I dress the part I might get some cleaning and organizing done, but no… At least I know where the washer and drier is now hahahaaa…

In the between of creating content I occasionally snap selfies, but sometimes forget to put the ‘props’ away LMAO…

I’m of the idea not to waste a decent photo so here you get a couple of more..

Might make an other attempt to put stuff away at home tonite. Or just hang with Nina and give her some meatballs 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Good morning Puma, I hope you feel better this Sunday morning. I am sorry to read about your friend & hope that all goes well in the future for her. I received “My Little Life” & have started the book. Have a great Sunday & take care!!


Thank you Danny and yeay, so excited to hear what you will think of the book. I thought it was a little slow in the beginning, but then it gets you!

XXX Puma

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