Well, it’s actually Monday night, but I really had a fun Sunday 🙂 Masha picked me up and we drove to Fajardo and a great brunch spot there. I never been, but Masha been before and praised so much that I was drooling half the way there. It’s on top of a hill and you sit outdoors and can see the ocean. The owner asks for your name and tells you what fruits she has from her garden and that the pineapple comes from a neighbor. Then she brings out a tasty fruit platter to start with. I eat mostly protein now, but tasted some of Masha’s banana & coconut pancakes and they where sooooo goooood! If you are in PR, go here – Las Vista Cafe in Fajardo! Last picture is of owner and the chef 🙂

With full bellies we headed to the beach Seven Seas. The great thing here in Puerto Rico is that if you don’t mind walking a bit past the crowds, you can pretty much find your own secluded spot! Obviously I took advantage of that and shot some naughty stuff! But first, always make sure the bikini bottom is in the right place hahahaaa…

Before you read the text underneath the picture below, can you guess what’s happening in it?

It’s me trying to deflate the floatie. We laughed so hard and I happy I didn’t deflate one of my implants while at it…

Was putting clothes on but this good song came on in the car and I had to show some moves!

After deflating, putting clothes on dancing we headed to the harbor and ate dinner. An ideal way to spend a day and I was in great mood again!

Woke up and checked the gym off the list of things to get done today!

Shot some stuff, show you later. Just finished the series True Detective season 3 and it was good. First season was the best I think, but still liked this and recommend it 🙂

Good Night! Puma

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