Are you dressing up? Partying? Trick or treating? Guess where I started my Halloween? At the dentist!!! I’m really not a fan of the dentist (who is) and I’d choose the gynecologist any day of the week over the dentist! Maybe not a big surprise hahahaaa… But luckily I have found a great dentist here in Puerto Rico! He explains everything and is so gentle that I’m pretty confident when I go here. Had to wait a bit today and since I don’t like to sit around and waste time, I threw in some stretches while waiting…

People travel from ‘mainland’ US to this dentist cause he’s so good and it’s cheaper over here. Take a vacay to Puerto Rico and fix your canines at the same time! The place in called Ashford Dental in San Juan if interested.

I love wearing costumes, but in then middle of moving, waiting for power and internet I didn’t plan anything for today 🙁 Maybe this outfit I shot in this week can be some skinny & shiny version of The Hulk?

Or this one – Sporty Spice sending out some good vibes kinda…

Anyways, wishing you a Happy Halloween. Will upload a new book review tonite or tomorrow. Also getting my mane attended tomorrow!

Kisses, Puma

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Happy Halloween Puma from France. Hope you get everything resolved at your apartment soon! Looking forward to your next review. 250 pages done with many more to go. You were right – it is picking up Thank God. Baci ( I am Italian , raised in Canada & now living near Paris). Take care!


Hi Puma,
Hope you are doing well after the dentist appointment. Now over 250 pages read and finally getting interesting; you were right the book starts slow. I hope all gets resolved at your apartment soon. Happy Halloween & looking forward to your next book review.
All the best from France,


Happy Halloween and I survived the dentist thank you 🙂 You celebrating Halloween and dressing up in France?

Hugs, Puma

Good morning Puma,
No I stayed home & gave out Snickers bars to all the little monsters that came Trick or Treating!!
Halloween is really not that big a deal here in France.
have a great weekend !

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