I read the book ‘Snowing in Bali’ while in Bali this summer. I think you should definitely read it if going to Bali. I admit I was clueless to Bali being a mecca for trafficking drugs… Interesting read, and I always appreciate books where the “real” people/characters behind the stories tell it personally with their voice. Anyone read Kathryn Bonella’s other book Hotel K?

Today I spent the day at the hairdresser, and all I can say is PINK! I love color though, so might as well go all-in!

I went to the fancy-pantsy salons here in San Juan that charged a lot, but I was never happy. If I say I want blond, I mean blond and not just a couple of highlights, and they never got it right. A girl at the gym recommended this guy 20min outside of San Juan in some town, and he’s da bomb! He and his mom have a salon at home, and he is immaculate with his work. His mom tries speaking Spanish to me and brings me coffee hahhaaaa! Thank you @colorbyjaimej (IG)

From my coffee & food run yesterday…

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Hugs, Puma

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