Living in Puerto Rico sometimes tests your patience! Yesterday the water went out in most of the San Juan area. Apparently some construction was happening and someone hit a water pipe or something, and the water had to be turned off. Predictions are that the water should be back on tonight. You don’t miss things or realize how much you appreciate them before they’re taken away from you. Can’t flush the toilet, wash your hands, clean dishes, shower… Thankfully there are babywipes hahahaaa… And at the store the waters were almost out. My solution, buy wine!

On Thursday I shot with a great photographer and a videographer. There’s always a bit of fumbling around until you get into the flow with someone new. In the adult industry there’s a lot of exaggerated facial expressions and making the “aaah’s, ooohs” with your mouth. The poses can also resemble pcertain positions you might see in the movies. I think the best pictures we captured were right at the end on the rooftop as the sun was going down. He just told me to move around naturally and he’d snap away. Wow, I really loved those pics! The best part was that when I’m there butt-naked on the rooftop, I see the photographer and video guy suddenly stop shooting. I turn around, and look behind my back because apparently someone is there. Well, the owner of the building came up to the rooftop with some other guy. The owner and guy looked pretty surprised, but acted cool hahaaaa… The owner goes to the same gym as me, and I know he’s cool luckily! I only have some pics getting my hair done by Jaime before the shoot and a couple from the shoot. More will come!

Fun to shoot with such a pro, and we have planned another shoot in December. If you want to see his work you can find him on IG – @sinarte_ Sometimes you don’t have a pro around, and have to make do with your own skills 🙂

Or just settle with a selfie from the “throne”…

In glamour shoots they usually use a fan to get the hair flying beautifully. Well guess what? My air-conditioner does the same trick LOL…

Masha the Russian and Nina the Frenchie came by too this week…

I did a interview for a Swedish site from the neighborhood where I was born 🙂 For you Swede’s who wants to read it, here’s the link –

This morning when having my coffee I found this cool cat. He was so friendly and just casually strolled into the cafe. Even though they repeatedly lifted him out, he just strolled back in 🙂

OK, keep your fingers crossed that we get our water back. I’m gonna eat and drink wine, and probably finish a book that’s super exciting. I’ll review it next week 🙂

Enjoy your weekend whatever you’re up to!

Hugs, Puma

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