The week in LA passed by waaay too fast! I think I opened my computer twice when I was there, and the rest of the time we were on the go!

I took an Uber straight from the airport to meet up with Sandy for lunch at Erewhon. When we were leaving I couldn’t help myself, and just had to snap a pic of this dog taking care of his business. Did the woman pick it up after? Fuck no…

I had to do some shopping for outfits and toys for shoots. We are still wondering what this mini-penis is used for???

We made it down to OC too to see our friend Cindy. Always gorgeous and it was great to catch up with her!

Shot some cool stuff too, and it helps when your best friend is an awesome make up artist and glams you up! Thank you Sandy!

Oh, and the kids were pretty much constant companions from the moment we got back to the house. We were drawing, doing make up, dressing up, and then there were various made up games that I just went along with it hahahaaa… I think here we’re drawing kitty-town!

What do you do in LA on a weekend? Party! We did dinner and drinks, popped by 1Oak, and then we went to Raspoutine. I can say it’s the best club and music I’vev been to in a while, and I could’ve been dancing till 6am if they didn’t close at 2am!

No time to sleep in (or be hungover) when kids march right over you at 8am bringing balloons, and apparently it was picnic time in my bed right then!

I also made it to Phoenix, AZ to shoot a whole day with @dezertimagez. A lot of bikinis and skimpy outfits. Just my style 🙂

A couple of times I went to set with Sandy when she was doing make-up. I was obviously very helpful when not napping hahahaaa…

Somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in a mani-pedi, spotted this cool cat, went to a kids birthday party and got a dick-looking-balloon, saw 2 cool Porsches ( I want a GT3 by the way), and I even took pics of flowers like a grandma hahahhaaa…

I think that covered pretty much everything. I will give you a couple of my favorite spots in LA next. Also read a couple of great books, but now I need a latte and later I hope for wine with the Russian 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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