…days left in Puerto Rico before a trip next week, and then off to Sweden for Christmas. I wanted to finish a lot of stuff, but instead I got overwhelmed and decided it’s a good idea to go and drink coffee while making a plan. That led to me not getting as much done as I wanted, and and then I was pissed. Luckily nothing is too urgent, and the world will keep spinning tomorrow even if I continue drinking my coffee and planning hahahaaa…

I saw a doctor finally about my spider veins and he injected them. I really hope it works because they bug me! Final results will show in about a month he said.

Shot a bunch of stuff too. Content is king they say, but I say I’m queen 🙂

Got a couple of pics from my shoot in Phoenix too. Love the way they turned out and I think this is a pretty perfect “LBD – Little Black Dress”.

Joined another gym and trying it out. Making some progress on my pull ups…

This pic is an inside joke. If you watched Game Of Thrones and remember when Theon Greyjoy got his dick chopped off? In the next shot Ramsey is eating, and you are made to believe it’s the chopped off wiener. Found this Italian sausage and made me think of the scene…

So, Thanksgiving tomorrow. What’s your plans? I’m going to a friends house for potluck 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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