Finished 2 great books. The first one a big heavy one – “The Border” by Don Winslow. Exciting, but a lot of people to keep track of. Main character Art Keller is an old school guy fighting the Mexican drug cartel. Violence, torture, young guys with drug money, American politicians, and the police makes good action. I haven’t read the 2 previous books in this series, but I don’t feel you need to. In the video I also recommend another awesome book by Winslow – ‘The Winter of Frankie Machine’ – so good!

Also finished the book – ‘The Girl who Lived Twice’ by David Lagercrantz. I love the Millennium series, and this is the 6th and final book. I read them all and I think the first books are more exciting. Still worth a read!

I just have to post this picture of Andrew’s book taste. Anyone want a review? Hahahaaa…

And to all the Swede’s reading this – Glad första Advent 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will show pics from mine tomorrow 🙂 The picture on top of this post is from Saturday.

Kisses, Puma

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Hi Puma, I ‘ve almost finished ‘A Little Life”. It is difinitely NOT a happy book to read; as you say -DARK. Nonetheless, I am glad you suggested it & it is worth reading. Hope you & Andrew have a great time at the wedding & have a great visit with your family in Sweden. I just returned fron Houston where I celebrated Thanksgving with my son & his family..
All the Best to both of you for Christmas!
Buon Natale (Italian)


Glad you found it worth reading 🙂 It’s enough of one of those dark books occasionally for me, but prefer suspension over dark 🙂 Nothing like spending time with family and I’m happy you got to spend Thanksgiving with yours! All the best to you and where will you be celebrating Xmas?

Hugs, Puma

Hi, yes I agree that suspense & thriller novels are also more my thing as well. Christmas will be celebrated here in Paris & then I will spend a few days on the Normandy beach coast ( for my birthday in January). Stay well & keep enjoying life…


So Andrew 😉 give my best to him.


Will do 🙂

XXX Puma

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