…season and all the lights, candles, decorations, and that most people get a little nicer and smiles come easier! In Sweden you’re not supposed to set your Christmas tree up until 2 days before Christmas Eve, and then decorate it. I like to enjoy my tree for as long as possible, and last year the tree stayed up from Thanksgiving to June. It only came down because we were moving. I think this time my tree will be up for the whole year 🙂 Decorated it this weekend.

Of course I didn’t just throw some balls up in my tree, but it all had to be documented and filmed for content 🙂 In case you were wondering why I taste the #blueballs hahahaaaa…

And while in the holiday spirit and face painted, why waste it. Threw up some gold fringe curtains and shot that too…

This weekend I visited a pop art exhibit at the mall here. It was artist that had made pieces that you could interact with. I’m never one to shy away from a photo opportunity, so I went at it like a 5 year old would!

After working out yesterday I saw the chiropractor again. His name is actually Angel, which I think is as cool as being named Jesus. But after stretching me while having cups on I changed his name to Devil. It was pretty painful, but good.

Had to shoot a couple of custom videos after, and realized my backside wasn’t very photogenic! Luckily guys mostly pay attention to my front side anyways for some reason so it all worked out hahhaaaaa…

Went to the fancy mall last night because Andrew needed to get some outfits for St Bart. Andrew’s best friend is getting married there and we head out tomorrow to celebrate. I was just supposed to help and look for outfits. Instead I walked into a store and tried on a couple of dresses. The girl in the store was throwing compliments at me so I fell for it and bought them hahahaaa… Oh, didn’t take a picture of me in them, but I did enjoy the mirrors!

The couple getting married, Jeff & Ashleigh, are actually coming to Puerto Rico today so taking them for some coffee and food today 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Love your blog, you’re always hilarious!


Thank you Ralph and I’m a pretty hilarious person if I may say so myself hahhaaaaa 😉

XXX Puma

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