WOW, what a trip to St Barts we had! I think a week of detox and rest is needed after that. Not gonna happen since I’m off to Sweden on Wednesday, but #yolo

Our friends Jeff & Ashleigh had booked restaurants, clubs, and scouted out the best beaches so the rest of us just tagged along happily! I’ve been to St Barts before for a wedding, but didn’t explore the island then. I really loved being there and will most likely go there again 🙂

First night we had dinner at Le Tamarin. Easy start and all well behaved…

If you snooze you lose! So no time for hangovers or sleep-in’s, and we got picked up and hiked down to Colombier beach. WOW! We saw goats on the hike down, and there were only a few people on the beach. I liked that they’re also cool with people being topless on the beaches! A bit of titty never killed anyone!

Some cool look out spots…

Sorry for crashing your romantic pic Jeff & Ash 😉

More eating and drinking at night. Restaurant Santa Fe, yummy!!!

Started classy and ended it even classier!

By our third day I probably had already gained 7 pounds hahahaaaa… Started with brunch at Shellona at Shell Beach. Spent some time on the beach after, and I love how clear and blue the water is around the island!

A little pre-party with the gang (as if we needed to party more) and then dinner at Hotel Le Toiny. The finale was at club Le Ti with sexy burlesque shows. Loved it and danced my ass off! Pink shoes or black ones?

I thought about sleeping in, but got #fomo. Went to Saline beach and I think that cured my hangover! Big waves and it was supposedly a nude beach, so I kept looking for naked people 🙂 Like I haven’t seen enough naked people in my life hahahaaaa…

After it was lunch at Nikki Beach. So much fun! They played great music and I danced a dinner’s worth of calories off!

Not enough sugar though, so headed into town where they had gluten-free crepes after and stuffed my face!

I didn’t know that St Barts used to belong to Sweden. I found out because I asked why they had the Swedish flag up along with the French and American ones. It was cool to see street and other signs in Swedish when in Gustavia. This sign for is for where you pick up your alcohol…

The last night there we ate sushi at Orega. I had a mountain (even though tiny and expensive) of sashimi. I also had some really good lamb and sake too.

I wanted to finish off with a blast at Bagatelle, but no one else was having the same feeling as I did. Luckily I convinced Andrew, Jeff & Ash to JUST “have a look inside”. They took a look, and then we ended up dancing away our last night! Loved it!

It was a bit rough to get up at 6am yesterday morning though. Cool to fly this small plane to St Maarten 🙂

After a delayed flight from St Maarten to Puerto Rico we finally got home. Already on my second cup of coffee, and working on a lot of stuff before I leave for Sweden!

Kisses, Puma

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