Had a super nice stay at Grand Hotel in Saltsjobaden. Nice hotel with beautiful surroundings located right by the water north of Stockholm.

This is how happy I was going to the spa there…

Later I had some amazing wild boar for dinner. Never tasted boar before. I like the fact that they been running around in the wild and not been bred for food in captivity! Skipped the Christmas food buffet they had. Somehow I know there will be a lot more of Christmas food coming before I’m done in Sweden!

Barely any guests at the hotel so it was very peaceful there. The breakfast buffet was tasty and I was the only one there at 7am.

Took the opportunity to shoot some content there too before checking out. Never miss an opportunity to create things others will enjoy heheheee…

Straight back to the city and met up with my friend Mark Levengood and Anton. Mark is one of the most beloved people in Sweden. I love his office with all kinds of weird and fun stuff. A lot of stories, laughter and pictures!

Then I met up with a photographer I never shot with. We wanted to see if we can come up with some cool stuff to shoot. Said and done and one latte later we decided we’ll shoot tomorrow. I think it will be different and not my usual nudes or selfies 🙂

Still a bit jetlag and hope to get a good nights sleep. Don’t want to show up looking like a zombie for the shoot tomorrow!

Kisses, Puma

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