…subject of surgeries, let me admit to other fixes as well. I have written before that I don’t plan to age gracefully! I love Botox, fillers and treatments. I think it’s also a bit addicting since I’m often in front of the camera. Makes me discover new dents, wrinkles, sun spots etc on my face more often that I wish hahahaaaa… Soooo, when I come to Sweden I go fix this.

On Wednesday I tried threads in my face for the first time. Felt like the corners of my mouth are hanging down. I was so nervous cause a friend of mine has done it and said it hurts like hell. First of all I hate needles and I don’t handle pain very well. Hadde the doctor, said that I don’t have a lot of fat in my face so it will probably hurt more. Well, I finally told him to just fix me up. He went in with 2 loooooong needles by my ear. A thin thread like a fishing line with small knots on it is pulled through. The thread then is pulled through and I could feel the knots go through my face-meat UGH! Pulled through and pulled up. I did survive and it wasn’t that painful after all. Happy with the results and topped it all off with some Botox 🙂

Look closely and you can see the threads coming out under my mouth. And here’s a picture of the needles and thread. If you’re in Sweden, I can recommend Doktor K for these type of treatments. They’re awesome!

Strict orders on not to open my mouth too wide for 3-4 weeks hahhaaaa… Suuuure! Anyways, I’ll try to behave for a couple of weeks!

Anyway, like my new t-shirt?

My shoot on Wednesday was a lot of fun. Will get some pics later and show you. But a couple of selfies though…

Now off to see my cousin and then I think I’ll go have some wine with a couple of cute gayboys. Puma & the twinks we call ourselves LOL…

Kisses, Puma

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