It’s busy days here in Sweden. Trying to see and hang with my friends, family, throw in a party (or five), recover and obviously having a “fika”. Fika is in Swedish having a coffee. And maybe some bakery thingy too unless your worrying about 1000 carbs and your beach body 2020 😉

After a mellow dinner with relatives on Friday, I headed out for some wine with my friend Anton. A little wine quickly ended up popping some sparkling stuff and the party was on. Tried making new friends, but this guy was a bit stiff…

Went to a gay bar and then to Backdoor which is an awesome gay club in Stockholm. Sooo much fun and great music. I did an impromptu guest appearance on the bar topless and later arrived home missing my jacket and my Swedish phone – oooops! Shit happens, but a party is a party!

There is a legendary cafe in Stockholm. It was called Lisa’s Cafe for about 30 years. Now Lisa’s son Nicklas has opened it at a new location and it’s called Lisa’s Grabb. As in Lisa’s Son in English. They had some Christmas celebration on Saturday and today I went back for more “fika”. Everything is homemade, no fancy cappuccinos, just simple and so tasty! Don’t miss this spot if you visit Stockholm.

I hope you all will be spending Xmas with loved ones! My family are skipping Xmas gifs cause no one needs anything and it’s like exchanging money. Instead we’ll be at my mom’s eating too much Finnish foods, wearing sweatpants and maybe have a snaps or two! I’ll try to put some of my celebration on my IG stories – @thepumaswede.

Kisses, Puma

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