How’s your Xmas celebrations going? In Sweden we celebrated yesterday and mom gave us so much food I passed out after dinner! Yes, wearing sweatpants that stretch so I could eat more!

Watched movies, ate some more and that’s about it. This morning coffee in mom’s Finland-mug and a ham sandwich with mustard. Classic!

Today was not much different and I nursed my food-baby hahahaaa…

So tired of Xmas foods now so drank some bubbly stuff and went out for dinner with my sister and nephew…

I’m not much for decorations, but I surprised my sister with this today hahhaaaa… She just rolled her eyes, she’s used to this type of stuff by now 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Hej puma swede vilka fantastiska bilde på dig mvh TR


HEJ PUMA SWEDE Vilka vackra bilder på dig

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