I usually don’t like too much of routines in my life. A little bit of planning and keeping deadlines is good, but I would hate my job to be a routine. I’d quit making movies and shooting content if it felt like I did it out of a routine. After all the feasting during Christmas now, I do feel like I want some of my habits back. Like training and eating healthy to start with! My sister, the paparazzi, snapped me buying ‘lösgodis’ yesterday. Been eating candy like my life depended on it hahahaaaa…

Did some shopping too and so good of the city to roll out the red carpet for me!

Got my sister to braid my hair too. I like it like this, but me making a braid is like a guy trying to paint nail polish… (yes, I once asked a guy to paint mine and half my fingers were pink)

And just because I also miss the Puerto Rican sun, here’s some sunny pics from a shoot I did in LA 🙂

Lat weekend in Sweden. Trying to not over do it hhahahaaaa…

Kisses, Puma

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Hi there Dream woman! Wish you the best Johanna! Ha en god fortsättning! Kram Dennis

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