So tired on Friday, and was pretty happy when my friend Linda said she was too tired to do anything. Somehow she still ends up coming over in an Uber. -“Let’s just order food and chill”. Suuuure. My nephew ends up coming over with his friends and all of a sudden we’re getting ready to just go out ‘for a little bit’…

We actually ended up behaving pretty well for being us. Danced so much to old disco songs I had blisters on my feet the next day. But don’t worry, I relaxed a bit on top of the bar. And stretched my long legs while at it. Then we danced some more hahahaaaa…

Did a little bit of recovery Saturday morning with the cat. She insists on being as close to your face as possible. She probably would lie on top of my face if I let her. Can’t risk her claws and all the Botox trickling out LOL.

Then met up with an old friend Pia, for a ‘fika’. An other great spot in Stockholm for ‘fika’ and food is Älskade Traditioner. A 50’s inspired cafe with amazing sandwiches made with waffles instead of bread. I really recommend a stop there!

Came home and took a nap and then dinner with my sis and our cousins. Came home and watched Pulp Fiction. One of my favorite movies! After I saw it the first time I colored my hair black and cut it shorter. Put on a white shirt and black pants. Just like Uma Thurman when she danced with John Travolta in the movie. No one said I looked like Uma Thurman. Such a fail hahahaaaa…

Today was spent at mom’s. Cooking and helping her with some stuff. Always sad to say good bye 🙁 Hopefully back early next year though 🙂

Tomorrow flying back to Puerto Rico wohooooo… Not sure what we’ll end up doing for NYE yet. I wouldn’t mind spending it on the beach 🙂 What’s your plans?

Kisses, Puma

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Fan Puma!!
Gift dig med mig 😉
Eller åtminstone va min för en natt 😉
Puss // N


Hello Puma, wishing you a safe trip back to PR ! Hope you had a great visit with family & friends in Finland. All the best from France!

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