Or I’m like 4h early saying that from Puerto Rico. But it’s 2020 in Europe among other places so rock out with your ______ out! Or something like that! I’m fighting to stay awake. Got home at 2am yesterday and slept so good on the flight I didn’t feel tired when I got home. My plan is to drink some rum on the rooftop and watch the fireworks. Slight chance I might be a sleep though 🙂

What are you up to or what did you do on NYE? Any goals for 2020? Resolutions? I pretty much only have stuff I want to focus on and one thing I want to improve. Focus on health and mobility. Too much smoking and candy in Sweden and not a single squat or stretch. And what I want to improve is this – I want to strike up more conversations with strangers 2020. I’ve “practiced” or experienced this lately and I love meeting new people. Talked to a couple from Kazakhstan on the train. A cop for severe crimes at a cafe in Stockholm. Chatted with a lady from Brazil before boarding my plane yesterday. All of these where interesting conversations and I think we’d do better if we weren’t so scared in approaching others. A lot can be learned, fun stories shared and new friendships made!

I was also planning on making a summary of 2019, but now I’m drinking wine and feel it could/should wait till tomorrow. Most of you are hopefully out celebrating anyways 🙂

So, Happy New Year to those who already are living up 2020 and to the rest of us, we’ll soon be there!


Puma Swede

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Happy new year! Rum is one of my favourites. What rum are you going for?


Wishing you a Very Happy New Year & may it be filled with great Health & Fun!

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