So here comes July to Aug 2019 🙂


We were in Sweden all of July. Decent summer weather for the most part so it was the usual partying, swimming, dinners, BBQ’s with friends and family. First thing always is to go to mom’s for her homemade meatballs with lingonberry jam!!!

My friend Karina has an amazing summer house by the lake. With luck it’s over 50 Fahrenheit in the lake in the summer 😉 Otherwise there’s a sauna and as a Finn, me and my sister always make them heat it up for us. Yes, even in the summer!

Blondes have more fun. Or at least these are more crazy hahhaaaa… With Carro and Katrin you never know how or where the night out ends!

Sometimes I have to work a little too. Had some fun photoshoots and love the Cuda car. Almost as cool as the Ford Puma I named myself after!

Always on the prowl for BIG melons!

Or ice-cream…

And just being my fabulous self…


Karinas birthday celebration…

Some other celebration. My sister loves feathers and insisted on everyone to be a bit less boring. Well, Andrew (with feathers of course) and Nelly the cat passed out on the couch. Party poopers! Some just can’t handle Swedish snaps LOL

Swedish paper reports about my plans on sex education…

From Sweden back to Bali… Linda came to visit and somehow we crashed into a rice field with the moped. The locals laughed their asses off. We agreed that it’s good to make people laugh. Don’t be too serious unless you break bones!

Probably still laughing from our crash…

More moped-ing, training, Diana visiting too and looking to get blown…

Oh, and cupping. I love it and recommend it if you got tight spots!


Still in Bali. In Bali you wear Bali panties! Sometimes a dress too..

For my birthday, (I’m still around 35 something), we went to Penida Island. Really cool place and really liked staying in the treehouse.

My sister came down. One of my favorite travel partners, and we’ve been all over the world together.

I found Swedish cheez doodles and ate the bag faster than you can say cheez doodles!

Hiking, feeding monkeys, and wearing a great push up bra 🙂


Back to Puerto Rico. Had so many packages that amazing and kind fans sent me for my birthday.

Catched up with Masha the Russian and her Frenchie Nina on the beach…

Spent more time on the beach…

Moved to a new place and shopped for furniture. I like cheezy & shiny things. Andrew did not agree to buy this bed hahahaaaa..

Fixed my teeth. Found the best dentist here in PR!

Saw my first classical concert performing music to a Charlie Chaplin movie. Very cool!

Me being me, doing what I do…


More is more. Less is not more. More pink please!

Missed my friend Sandy, her kids and family, so I flew to LA. Hanging out with friends, shooting, drawing with the kids, partying, and a lot of coffee from my favorite coffee places in LA!

Back to PR. Had 4 days with no water in town. Kind of realize how much you are in need of water and how we take it for granted. Thankfully baby-wipes are almost as good as a shower hahahaaa…

More coffee from Gusto’s. This cool ass cat just strolled in and hung out even though he was escorted out like 5 times…

Great Thansgiving with new friends!

And babysat Nina while mommy made town. Love her!


Well, that was like last month so just scroll down and you can see what I was up to 🙂 Highlights where going to St Barts and obviously spending Christmas home in Sweden!

Hope you enjoyed my recap of 2019. Oh, and here are my 9 most liked pics on Instagram.

Now I’m gonna eat a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s. Flavor Phish Food because I saw them in live in Vegas and it was awesome!

Kisses, Puma

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Thank you for your 2019 Year Review ; no doubt you had a great ride. I wish you & your loved ones the VERY BEST for 2020 & look forward to your blogs. May you NEVER lose sense of humor, adventure & workout ethics…ALL the Best from France!

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