Not sure if there are any hockey fans here? Right now the Junior Hockey Championships are happening. The final game is between Russia and Canada tonight. Finland played Russia yesterday and lost. The good thing in that is that they got to play Sweden today. Sweet rivalry between these two. I named myself Puma Swede even though I have Finnish ancestry. Puma Finn doesn’t sound as catchy! And in Swedish ‘finne’ also means a zit. Very sexy – NOT! Anyways… When it comes to sports, especially hockey, my family and I are diehard Finland supporters! If Finland wins and they play the national anthem, my mom opens her balcony door outside of Stockholm and blasts it out for all of her neighbors to hear hahahaaaa… Well, today Sweden %*@!~ took the bronze and Finland ended 4th. Perkele!

I love the fact that in Puerto Rico you can go and swim even if it’s winter. The water is warmer than it is in Sweden, even during summer. Took my new bikini from Malibu Strings and made Andrew take some pics. Sometimes he thinks he can just lie down and read, well, too bad! There are pics to be taken first!

While in the mood I took care of a couple of custom videos too… Tried my best to look innocent as was requested!

Now having coffee in one of the only good coffee shops open here on Sunday. Tomorrow we been invited to celebrate the Three Kings Day holiday at a friends house. Look forward to it 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!

XXX Puma

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Hi Puma, I am a great fan of hockey having grown up in Canada ..So winning World Championships ( and losing) are very familiar. I hope Canada wins & also the same for Finland -Go SUOMI !! All the best from France.


Canada 4 Russia 3 Puma !!! WE rocked with 3 goals in the 3rd period !!! Sorry about the loss to Sweden !! Have a great week !!


Congrats to you! Yeah, sucked for the Finns, but there will be more chances to kick some Swedish butt!

Kisses, Puma

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