Woke up last night with the bed shaking. It took a while before realizing what was happening. There were aftershocks in the morning as well. All good, even though there’s no electricity on the whole island. Thankfully a few places have generators, so I got breakfast and am now working at a co-working place. The word is that the power is supposed to be turned on later, but who knows. Took this pic from a WhatsApp group I’m in. Water and gasoline for portable cookers are running out.

Last night we went to celebrate Three Kings Day at Cristian’s family’s house. It was so much fun! A lot of people, food, and drinks. Made an effort to communicate in my broken Spanish, and managed pretty well. People here are so nice and really try to make conversation.

I did skip the mix of intestines… Supposedly really good, but I’m not quite that experimental 🙂

They even had Josef & Maria and the Three Kings make an appearance. There was a lottery, and I’m very lucky when it comes to lotteries. Guess who won? MEEEE… Won a handmade plate from a local artist!

They have this drink for the holidays called Coquito. A rum drink based on coconut. They also added pumpkin. It was like drinking a milkshake – too good. Ended up getting a bottle of it for home!

Such a fun night among great people!

I was also shooting some stuff before leaving. What’s your preferred drink? Beer, Champagne, Rum, wine, vodka, or something else?

Since we can’t cook at home and I saw Domino’s being open on the way – I predict there will be pizza tonight hahahaaaa..

Kisses, Puma

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