How’s your weekend going? I really haven’t done much. Grocery shopped and bought some storage bins. I moved to Puerto Rico with 2 suitcases, and I could probably fill at least 10 today.

Yesterday we went to Gusto’s to read and get more caffeine. I walked by a girl who I thought looked so Swedish. When I sat down outside, she sat outside too. And guess who it is? The Swedish actress Malin Akerman! I love her in the series ‘Billions’. Can’t be shy in life so I walked over and said hi. She’s beautiful and was really nice. Apparently she was working on a script. Maybe I should’ve said I have some experience in acting, and asked for a part? Hahhaaaa… Should’ve asked for a pic, but totally forgot. If I see her again I’ll ask 🙂

That’s about the biggest happening this weekend for me. Now pouring rain outside, and I’m at another cafe working 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Hello Johanna! How nice you meet Malin! I will go up to you if I see you. I aint shy at all!

Love Dennis


That’s two pretty Swedish women to keep an eye out for if ever I find myself in Puerto Rico 🤔

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