Hope your week has started well. I started mine by working out. Good for the mind and not just the body. I sometimes have too much energy, and unless I burn it off, I get agitated easily…

Looking at the picture and realize I need to go to the beach and catch some sun!

Then shooting all kinds off stuff. Maybe it got too hot cause the power went off again. Luckily it only lasted for an hour and then it was back on.

When I was young my biggest insecurity was my feet. They grew like 5 times as fast as the rest of my body. I had the same size I have now in like 4th grade, but I was shorter. I remember we had statistics in our math class in 6th grade. We where all suppose to say our shoe size to our teacher. Fuck that! I lied and said I was a 7 instead of a 9,5. So funny that now my big feet are appreciated and people want pics and videos of them! Imagine if I’d known that in 6th grade!

Unfortunately the water went out in San Juan last night. Since I’ve prepped a little, I now have water stored in big jugs so no panic. Just no shower. This morning water is back so the baby wipes can rest 😉

Tuesday, here I come!

Laters, Puma

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I love your big feet! I would also love to buy you a pair of heels to shoot in. Do you have a wishlist anywhere? Or do you accept Venmo or PayPal?


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