Another question I get a lot is how the adult business has changed over the years that I’ve been in it. 

I remember when I got into the business at the end of 2004. I started with solo shoots and working with girls only. My biggest goals were to shoot for magazines, and I’d shit myself when I got a cover. DVD covers were also on my list of things I’d fancy. About two years later I told my agent I was ready to take on guys. I told him I only wanted to work for well known companies like Wicked, Hustler, Vivid etc. Work was great, and companies like Brazzers showed up and shot a lot. I got DVD covers, magazine covers, and toured dancing frequently. The AVN show in Las Vegas those first years was crazy fun. Companies had big booths and I loved meeting all the people at the shows. I pretty much needed a week to recover after the Vegas show hahahaaaaa…

I was pretty quick on starting my personal website as well. Updating it weekly with a set of pictures and a video. Later adding an hour camshow a week too. 

The money was great and companies spent left and right, people subscribed to girls’ websites, and there was no Onlyfans, Snapchat, Sextpanther and Pornhub.

Jump a few years forward and I barely need to leave my house to do a shoot. Or I can just stay in bed and turn on a camshow or answer a paid call. I don’t complain. From being dependent on shooting for companies, to putting your name and yourself out there, you no longer need them to the same extent. Anyone with a cellphone can shoot their own movies today and upload them for fans to subscribe to or buy. Not only just the naughty stuff, but to put your daily life on Snapchat. When did you buy a DVD last time?

Girls’ personal websites are still running, but the money is not the same. Almost everyone I know makes more money from their Onlyfans or Snapchat. Actually now it’s more money than shooting for a company where you are on set for hours. You can also just log in and run a webcam show from home and make the same money. People download free stuff and companies can no longer pay the same fees to girls as they used to. 

AVN has changed too. Few companies now have huge booths, and girls can rent their own table to promote themselves. Pornhub has their own award show. Never been to it, but it sounds 10x cooler and more updated than AVN. 

Pornhub now also works with girls so they can get paid for their content on their site which is great. The changes have been for the better for me personally. Since I love to travel, I can take my work with me. Whether it is to film on an airplane toilet, run around naked on a beach in Mexico, or using my dressing room in Bangkok for something other than just trying clothes on. The possibilities are endless for the creative ones. 

If there’s something else you’re curious about reading, let me know in the comments 🙂 

XXX Puma

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