Mostly been shooting this week. After all the issues after the earthquakes I had to catch up a little…

Luckily sometimes the scene or scenario requires you to pretend to be asleep. Sleeping fetish could be one of my favorite fetishes heheheeeee…

And sometimes the whole shoot fails. Thought this was some cool edible colors to pour on your body. It was more like super sticky syrup that was really hard to get off. Only looked like some kids thrown slime on me. Fail!

Masha the Russian came over yesterday with Nina and we went to the beach. So nice when the sun is setting…

Oh, and she gave me pinecone jam from Russia. Hmmm… Let you know how it tastes.

Thrown in a couple of workouts too. Pics to prove it!

Now I’m gonna make cabbage soup with ground pork in the pressure cooker. Getting hangry!

XXX Puma

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hello puma,
have a request for you, your sweet and great friend sandee.
I’m still looking for complete videos from 2003 to 2008 – can you ask – where can I get them.

puma, you are super and sexy – thank you very much for your help

kind regards
frank from germany (frankfurt)


Hello Frank, I think you’ll find them online. Otherwise try writing them a DM on IG and ask 🙂

XXX Puma

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