No Baywatch people showed up yesterday. Just a couple of curious hikers. Luckily people in Puerto Rico are very chill and don’t freak out if they see some skin 🙂 It started raining though so we stopped by the local vendors in Piñones and ate instead. And had some Puerto Rican Heineken 🙂

Had a private Skype show this morning. A good way to start my day 🙂

I found this awesome Snapchat filter. Would love to be surrounded by dogs. Or just animals in general!

Now looking at buying a BBQ or a smoker. Got to prepare in case the power runs out in the future so I can cook anyways 🙂 Plus I love BBQ’ing!

Oh, and I want to recommend you this awesome Netflix series called Love Death + Robots. Short stories and they are really good! I watched them all this weekend!

Laters, Puma

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You have good taste Puma! I loved the series too! Have you seen The Witcher? I can recommend it. Awesome photos of you too.



I’ve heard about The Witcher and will have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!

XXX Puma

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