Woke up and had a hard time getting out of bed. My lower back was hurting so bad. This is because the bed is too soft and we (mostly I) forgot to order a boxspring for the bed. I bought a bed frame and though it would come with all you need. Now the mattress is on the floor until the boxspring arrives.

Packed and ready to go to the gym and stretch. I grab my to-go cup for coffee and drop it. Of course it broke!

I was so mad walking slowly with my crooked back to the gym. I was fantasizing buying cigarettes. Like why not, this day was already fucked so why not do some more damage to myself!

Well, luckily an hour of stretching, hanging, rolling out and some light exercises fixed my back and my mood!

So far the day has been going pretty well since then. Only managed to put my thong on with the back side front. Had this weird feeling there was something wrong with the panties. Found out when I went to the bathroom at the optician. Picture a potato with some fabric chafing a dent in to the middle LMAO… I’ll spare you a picture of that!

I checked my eyesight today. Pretty much the same. I have this awesome pair of frames I bought in Sweden that I wanted to put glasses in. Get them in a week. Tried on a few other frames as well, but nothing felt like – wow, I got to have these!

Shot a bunch of stuff yesterday with Alexander.

I realized I love having braids. No need to brush your hair in the morning! Just rise and shine. I can’t braid my own hair but found this awesome girl who made these braids in 10min…

Just a couple of other pics from this week I forgot to post.

I booked a trip to Vieques today and going from tomorrow to Monday. Hoping for some sun so I can go to all the amazing beaches there! Have an amazing weekend you all!

Kisses, Puma

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Ha ha haaa, I can relate on putting your thong on backwards, so uncomfortable! Hope you have a nice weekend with no more incidents Puma!

Hugs, Becca


Thank you Becca and same to you 🙂

XXX Puma


Hi Puma when you mention “we (mostly I) forgot to order a boxspring for the bed”, why do you speak in the plural?


Just wait till I start speaking in 3rd person too 😉 Sometimes Andrew gets a mention, so then it’s we/us.

Hugs, Puma

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