Went to the Piñones beach again yesterday. Might be my favorite beach so far in Puerto Rico.

Also finished the series Rectify on Netflix. Wow, loved the show and recommend it if you haven’t seen it!

Some pics from Thursday’s shoot with Alexander. The thought was to just taste the donuts for the shoot, but I couldn’t contain myself 🙁 Would’ve eaten the yellow one too, but it didn’t have a good filling!

Note to self – better not to shoot with unhealthy food props!

And just me concentrated on rowing on Friday… Row, row, row the boat…

Gonna eat and then off to go bowling. Haven’t done it in ages, but I really like it! Anyone going to watch Super Bowl?

Kisses, Puma

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I loved the show Rectify! Now try Dark if you haven’t seen it!



I will check it out! Need a new show to immerse myself in now hahahaaa…

XXX Puma

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