…of a difference on what me and Andrew have on our screens when working. Can you guess which screen is mine? hahahaaaa…

Anyone here watch Super Bowl? I only saw some highlights the day after. In particularly one pic of Jennifer Lopez waving the Puerto Rican flag. Pretty cool I thought, but some people here in PR weren’t too happy about it. They said she’s claiming to be from the Bronx one second and from Puerto Rico the next. I still think it was cool! I went bowling instead. Usually I’m pretty good at bowling, but I was pretty damn bad this time. But it was fun! Playing with balls is always fun 😉

Otherwise shooting away. One shot at a time…

Hit the gym and gym kicked my ass in return…

Also got some work done at one of the best coffee shops here – Gusto’s.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow an other shoot with Alexander.

Kisses, Puma

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Lite olika innehåll på era skärmar ja… 😉 Vad jobbar Andrew med? Ha en fin dag (kväll? Eller vad är det för tid där borta?! Här är det kväll). Tjingeling 😀


The two computer pictures only shows that one has enslaved the right brain and the other has enslaved the left brain! No one is using the whole brain!
p.s You are still my dream woman!
Love Dennis

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