Anyone have any elaborate plans? Yesterday Masha and I took a walk on the beach, and we saw a candlelight dinner set for two. Red tablecloth, candles, and those fires that burn outdoors surrounding the couple. I hope they got some violin players later too to complete the Valentine’s ceremony 🙂 Me and Masha had to settle for a Valentine’s Snapchat filter 🙂

We had dinner in the rain last night. Romantic!

Whatever your plans are for today, I hope you receive some appreciation and give some to the people in your life. Mom called and wished “Happy Valentine” to us in Costa Rica. For the fifty-eleventh time I had to remind her it’s Puerto Rico and not Costa Rica. “Is it really that big of a difference?” she asked. Hahahaaaa, same same, but different Mom…

Some pics from this week. Really not good to live across a place that makes these donuts! I only wanted one until they informed me I can buy 3 and get 4.

Thinking of spending the day on the beach swimming and reading. Feel like relaxing and getting some sun before Sweden.

Have an awesomesauce day, Puma

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It’s late to spend Valentine’s day in your nice company, but next year let’s spend that day together

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