…from Florida 🙂 Long ass layover here before my connecting flight to Stockholm. Luckily there’s coffee, wifi, magazines and books!

A funny note about Valentine’s Day. We went to the to the beach around lunch time. After about 1,5h I saw the sky was turning pretty dark. Decided to pack up and head home. Well, it took about 2 minutes and it was pouring! Felt like a minor storm. No shelter and after we came home like 20 min later we were drenched! It was actually pretty funny. It stopped raining pretty much as soon as we came home. Dinner, wine & tequila to the rescue 🙂

And fed a couple of homeless cats on our street too.

My plan was to travel to Thailand on the 21st of this month for a few days before the surgery. Asked the Doctor what he thought of me going to Bangkok since the ongoing Corona virus. He said a pretty firm no on the topic so I’ll listen to him. Don’t want to take any chances with my new boobs!

Excites as always to go home and see family and friends! Hit you up from Sweden!

Kisses, Puma

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Good morning Puma, I hope your trip across the pond to Europe went well-WELCOME to the EU! You did well not to travel to Thailand as the risk of infection is too great & your surgery may have been delayed. Do you have a date for the operation ( if you are willing to share that). Otherwise I wish you & Andrew a great visit with your family & the very best outcome for the surgery…Take care from France!


Heeey, thank you for the welcome and trip went good and without delays.
Yeah, probably for the better to skip Thailand, but I really was looking forward to eat
authentic Thai food hahahaaaa…
Surgery is on March 3rd wohoooo 🙂 All the best back to you from Sweden and have a great
rest of the week 🙂

XXX Puma




Tack sa mycket 🙂


Certainly don’t want to risk them. Keep them safe 😉

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