How are you guys? All good here in Sweden. First thing I always do when arriving in Sweden is head straight over to mom. She always makes pancakes for me and I brought over ‘semlor’. A ‘semla’ is a Swedish wheat bun spiced with cardamom. Put on a layer of almond paste and a lot of whipped cream and cover it in powdered sugar. YUMMY! We even have a national ‘semmeldagen’ coming up now on 25th of February.

Some catching up with friends. Yesterday we were a bunch who had dinner.

I kind of learned that it is smart to take the pics in the beginning of the night, (before the drinks) or they end up looking like this… 

Got some hangover cure today!

Also trying to read some, but Nelly the cat, is interfering!

So I tried to get a proper picture with her and get her to look in the camera! 

Talking about books I have to recommend you this one. Read it a while ago, but saw it in the bookstore at the airport. True story about Elisabeth Holmes and one of the biggest scams in Silicon Valley. “By 2015, Forbes named Holmes the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in America on the basis of a $9 billion valuation of her company”. I thought the book was really interesting. A little bit like the book about Elon Musk which I also enjoyed.

Stay awesome and enjoy your weekend!

Kisses, Puma

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Jo, jag har ätit ett gäng med semlor redan! Bästa bakelsen! Gillar du att äta den vanligt som den är eller med hetvägg? Alltså i varm mjölk i en djup tallrik med kanel i mjölken… Jag gillar båda! Här i Göteborg har vi en supergod semla som brukar vinna i gp’s omröstning! Cederleöfs & Svenheimers.
Du slår ju semlan med hästlängder dock!
Kram Dennis


Eller hur? Sa gott och jag tror jag kommer klamma i mig runt 20 semlor innan jag drar hem igen hahhaaaa… Jag gillar den rakt upp och ner. Ingen mjolk i. Vill testa en med Nutella i som jag hort att nan atit. Puma Swede – godare an en semla! Tack 🙂

Kram Puman


I visited Sweden like 5 years ago and remember I loved the semla and also tunnbrodrulle. The wrap with mashed potatoes and sausages inside. Some of the candy was great too, except for the super sour and salty ones. Enjoy your time in Sweden!


Hahhaaaa, seems like you tried all the good stuff in Sweden! I like tunnbrodrulle too and love super salty candy. Hope you tried Skagenrora too. The shrimp-thing we serve on toast or on a baked potato.

Hugs, Puma


You have always seemed like such a cool person and you seem so real and genuine. Thank you for educating this American about a “semlor” or “semla”… Please excuse my ignorance, but it looks amazing! It’s great to have a small window into your culture. Happy you’re with family. When it comes down to it, that’s really all we have in this world, right? Anyway, love the pink hair. Looks great! You’ve only gotten more beautiful with age. I stumbled onto your blog and wanted to show you support. Would love to know if you’re ever going to be in the NYC area (Yes, I don’t expect soon with the fact this area is the pandemic center of the USA… ugh). Always thought you would be a funny and clever person to talk with. You rock.


Heeey Gary and thank you for your nice comment and compliment 🙂 I enjoy taking part of other cultures and share them when I can. Semlor is one of the tasty ones in Sweden hahahaaa…. Yeah, who knows when travel will be possible like usual again? Was in NYC last year and always love it. How are you holding up in NYC? Same thing there as here in PR right? Can only go out to buy food? Hope this all turns soon and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Hugs, Puma

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