Getting a little bit of everything done here. Went hiking with my cousin and got some great views over Stockholm.

Good thing this bear was a fake one. I have a bit of phobia for bears. I really want to go to Alaska, but I was reading about all the bears there. Read all about how to react if you come across a bear, but I think I might just scream and run hahhaaaa… Or do this! Puma vs Bear…

During a fika this weekend a guy told me about an art exhibition happening. The cool thing about it was that the artist is a guy from where I grew up. He’s also a famous music artist from the group Latin Kings and his name is Dogge Doggelito.

He is also going to Puerto Rico this weekend to work on his music. Oh, and I compared my boob-size to this mannequin doll to boost my confidence 🙂

And how cute was this dog?

Went by Linda’s house yesterday. After dinner it was game time. We played this weird ass game where you put this plastic device in your mouth to prevent you from closing it. Then you pic a card and try to say what it says. You look like an idiot, drool and make no sense, since it’s impossible to pronounce the words with your mouth stretched open. I loved it!

Then just me being me. With more or less clothing…

When there’s sun in Sweden, you better soak it in. Don’t know when it will show up next 😉

And love my new custom bracelet that I wanted to say Villipeto. It kind of means ‘wild beast’ in Finnish. Fitting I thought hahahaaaaa… From

A week from now I got new boobs wohooooo 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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